Get Ready for Even More with C3 Version 4

C3 Financial Version 4 is almost here. Be ready to take full advantage of all that these new features have to offer by signing up for one of our complimentary tours below.

C3 Financial V4 Tour for Admins

C3 Financial V4 Tour for Users


New User Friendly Interface

With an updated and intuitive design, the C3 Financial application is easier to navigate.


Standing Orders for ATMs

Reduce time spent managing ATM’s by setting up and applying a standing order.


Cash Point Suggested Fills

Select desired inventory types and periods to observe cash point specific data and suggested fills.


Descriptive Guidance 

Select a denomination to preview the expected demand, last cash ending balance and safety stock.


Updated Dashboard to View Relevant Cash Demand 

Get more visibility into your cash supply chain in one convenient dashboard.


Expert Consulting and Unparalled Support

Your logicpath account manager and trainer will continue to provide individualized training and support as you need it.

With a new and improved user interface and features you'll love, C3 Financial Version 4 increases your visibility and makes managing your cash supply chain easier than ever before.

We've been hard at work building the latest application release of C3 Financial. Our most recent update has been developed with a focus on our users’ experience and their requirements for increased visibility into the movement of currency. Along the way, we have updated the underlying frameworks used in the application to support more efficient and expedient release cycles that can adapt to your ever-evolving business needs. Browse our training videos to take a closer look at some of the new features and read the full announcement about our new Version 4 release below:


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Stay Up To Date With C3 Financial V4

Make sure to ask your IT department to whitelist and 




"All the functionality you loved before, but with better features and enhanced reporting."


Need Support? Let's Talk.

We are excited for the upcoming version release of C3 Financial, and we are working dilligently to ensure we are putting out the greatest and latest update to help you manage and optimize your cash supply chain better than ever before. Your account manager or trainer will be reaching out to you in the first quarter of 2021 for next steps, but don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Click the link below if you'd like to be contacted by our support team, or visit the C3 Financial Support Center.