C3 Financial Version 4 Frequently

Will centralized requisitions still create a Fed-line Extract File?

Of course! As you do today, select the row you want to include and select the link for Fedline file. In this release, we added the ship out date to increment to the next business day as a small convenience.

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If we currently ship out (deposit) coin loose in bags, but receive shipments (order) of coin as rolls in boxes, do we have different drop downs to be able to select this?

Yes, you can order in rolled and ship out in loose. You can create a LOGISTIC that can control what you want to see by denomination (coin) and how to validate it. Coin options are loose, roll, half roll, box and half box.



Can the date for the “cash order due” alert be changed to account for holidays?

Not at this time, however we already have an alert layout in our backlog, which we are targeting for implementation in the future release. We will keep you informed as soon as it becomes available.

Can email alerts be sent to managers when the branch is over their limit? Can we enter specific email addresses to send the alerts to?

Alerts are assigned to Roles. A user is then assigned to a role. We are working towards those alerts to be emailed as well as an in-app alert. 

Additional Alerts in V4:

  • Ordering outside service date
  • Exceed maximum amount to Order/Deposit (set in Locations Maintenance)
  • Prompting for note when exceeding Variance threshold (set in Location Maintenance)
Are we able to delete cancelled orders on our own with C3 Version 4?

Our approach today is to leave cancelled orders in the application and not provide a delete option as a permission at this time. Our concern is that a record, once deleted is tough to get back quickly, unless you contact us to restore it for you. We are currently building our environment in a way that  will have tools for clients to regenerate deleted data in a future release. We will keep you updated on new features as they are being released.

In the interim, deleted requests will need to go to the logicpath client support team.

Can we still export the serviced requisitions file to an Excel format once it is selected?

In the current version, when you “select all” it is linking you to a report named "Requisitions by Denomination." We have rewritten this report and labeled it "Orders and Deposits by Denomination." You will be able to export and print the same details without issue.

Are standing orders auto generated?

At this time, standing orders will not be auto generated unless selected. However, there is an option to select standing orders (all) to generate requisitions.

Will we be able to print all orders and deposits by branch where it is showing the full order per branch?

We have a report in this version that we will make sure you have access to named, “Orders and Deposits by Denomination”. You can select the date range, order/deposit/both and view these records. This information can also be printed.

Why am I getting deposit recommendations?

Functionality for Deposits is the same as Orders. Users can select any denomination on the deposit to see the current cash balance (date), expected demand, safety stock and cash in transit. After the next release, the user will also be able to see the previous year observed, demand and rolling 90-day average.



Will this new version be user friendly in Chrome or will it still be recommended to use Internet Explorer?

We want you in Chrome. 😊 The existing version was best used in Internet Explorer because it allowed some elements such as Flash to live on. Those days are over as we know.  If you try IE you will see the below.



Are we able to prevent a branch from ordering while having unfulfilled orders?

This release will not prevent the user from performing this action, however it is an area that we will address over the ensuing release cycles. We are exploring a configuration that tells the system to auto-fulfill after two business days after the expected fulfill date. We also believe this can be an alert. Finally, we are exploring options on a hard stop, as suggested.

If we have a file go to a correspondent bank vs. the fed, will that remain the same and will we receive the same notifications that we do today via e-mail?

The feature and File Alerts for integrations will remain the same as they are today.

Will all the branch's current information be carried over to this new updated version?

We will bring over all the data and Institution Hierarchy into the new version for you. You may need to edit some areas where we are including new features.

Will historical data carry over for reporting?

Yes, all historical data will be carried over into the new version.

Do we get a test site to practice and train our staff?

Once your information is in the new system, you will be given a practice time period to work in Version 4 parallel with Version 2. We will provide you with a start date, where all information is live and ready to go.

Can the alerts be set to branch specific to give them reminders on when to order?

These Alerts will be assigned by Role.

Can order limits be set different than deposit limit?

They are currently the same.

Are there new manuals or guides available for this new look?

The Training recording and Slide deck will be available to all, along with the help menu inside the app to help you navigate around.

Can we still export the serviced requisitions file to an excel format once we select all?

Yes, you will still be able to export reports.

Will the existing Admin/User permissions carry over?

Yes, they will be carried over. However, there are more permissions in V4 so they will need to be modified to account for the new permissions.

How has the Central Requisitions area changed?

Central Requisitions has all the same great features as it has today with a few more as well.

  • Serviced and un-serviced requisitions will display on the same page for viewing.
  • A user with central permissions will be able to submit all standing orders in bulk.
  • A select all option is available to select only requisitions that have a Fed-line ruleset, to easily select those orders to be uploading to the Fed.



Do we need a note if it is not prompted?

Notes are only required when prompted. However, we recommend that you always put in a note when not following guidance or changing the delivery date. This communicates your change to the admin and reminds yourself why you chose to deviate from the guidance provided.

How do we do interbranch transfers?

Interbranch Transfers will be handled the same as they are today. An Interbranch Transfer logistic will be setup. If you currently have a ruleset for Interbranch Transfer, it will be carried over into V4.

Can we lock down the Ledger so our branches cannot change the totals?

Yes, Ledger access will be set by Role.

Can Requisitions still be back dated if not entered when the transaction took place?

Yes, Requisitions can be backdated by entering and then using the fulfill date to backdate.

Can there be reminders/alerts to fulfill orders on the day it should arrive from the bank?

Yes, the reminder will prompt you in the same way that it does today. When a user logs in, they will receive an alert if there is a requisition that has a delivered day equal to or greater than the expected delivery date.

Can the Deposit requisition Fed-load fields include alpha characters?

Please see screen shot below. Yes, that information is still required by the Fed, therefore the requisition can not be saved without entering in this information if this location ships to the Fed.

We can only allow whole numbers greater than zero. No null field, alpha or special characters. Those parameters are set by the Federal Reserve.



Will the file be able to read when a cashbox ends at zero instead of rolling over the amount from the previous night?

Yes, the functionality remains the same as it is today. We can turn on teller copy forward or use the cash count of “0”.

Can you submit multiple orders for a service date? Or are we limited to one?

Yes, you can opt to multiply an order for a delivery date. If you are limited in doing so now, it is either due to your internal process or because of a car carrier integration that does not allow it.



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