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Cracking the Vault on Cash in the Branch

The Perfect Combination to Optimize Your Inventory While Serving Clients Effectively

Hosted by: logicpath & CFM

Presented by: Kelly MacConnell, Manager of Sales and Strategic Alliances at logicpath and Cody Williams, Manager, Partnership Success at CFM

Remember when the only way to receive cash was from a teller with your completed withdrawal slip? Fortunately to some, and unfortunately to others - the good old days of the traditional branch are gone. Branches have transformed and with these changes more complexity is added to the cash equation. 

For banks and credit unions, cash resides in multiple cash points across the entire branch and ATM network. Do you know where your cash is? How are you using it? and Where it is going? 

For most managing cash inventory can be a mystery. Join our educational webinar Thursday, Sept 28th at 1:30 PM EDT - Cracking the Vault on Cash in the Branch - to discover the combination to successfully service your clients and optimize your cash inventory. We'll discuss the key metrics of cash management, standards necessary for optimal inventory levels, and tips to effectively integrate devices and cash.

What you’ll learn:

  • Cash -  Where it is? Where it’s going? and How you use it with your clients?
  • Optimizing your cash inventory for your clients.
  • How to focus on the client experience, not the cash.

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