7 Areas of Waste That Are Killing Your Bank's Efficiency

You may not be aware of the 7 forms of waste in the manufacturing industry, first defined by Toyota; but what about banking where manufacturing waste isn’t relevant? In this ebook, we explore 7 areas of waste in banking that occur in the cash inventory management process and how you can identify them to improve your efficiency. 



What's In the eBook?

In any industry, waste can be described as inefficiencies in processes. This can range from internal processes like cash ordering to external processes involving customers such as loan origination. In this eBook, we discuss how we’ve applied the basic principles from Toyota’s 7 Wastes of Manufacturing in order to shed light on the 7 Areas of Waste That Are Killing Your Bank’s Efficiency.

7 Areas of Waste in Banking

Learn about each of the 7 areas of waste in banking and what you can do about it

The Cash Supply Chain

Find out why it's important to change the way you think about cash

Why Automation is Critical

Discover why automation is a game-changer in the banking industry


What You'll Learn In This eBook:

Download this eBook and learn how to effectively identify and minimize waste in order to improve efficiency:

  • Waste due to inaccurate inventory levels
  • Waste due to unnecessary movement
  • Waste due to inefficient communication
  • Waste due to cash inventory errors
  • Waste due to opportunities lost
  • Waste due to avoidable delivery delays
  • Waste due to burden of time and resources on your staff